B2B Secret Weapon for New Customer Acquisition: The Direct Marketing Program Every Marketer Should Use

June 8, 2015 by audience

Audience Innovation develops co-branded magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns to reach any exact B2B, trade or executive target – literally, any target, any database. It works.


Campaigns continuously deliver powerful co-branded touch points, with resulting boost in call-to-action results that engage your most –and-difficult-to-reach– B2B sales and relationships. Campaigns yield welcomed high-impact, and measurable stats and analytics.  Quite simply, B2B-targeted magazine cover wrap campaigns cut-the-clutter and, you beat your competition with visceral creative impact of ROI value.

In short, each campaign delivers continuous touch points with each selected targeted business recipient and, starting with as few as 500+ recipients, your campaign can span any timeframe, from 3-months to a year. Each campaign is managed turnkey for you, from database development and tactics, to production, timing, printing, binding and mailing – turnkey minus creative.

Your Audience Innovation Activation Director manages all the details for you, so we handle the heavy-lifting (for both client and/or agency partners) – simplicity is delivered, and due dates and steps are clear, easy to follow, with profound results.