Secret Weapon for Real Estate: Skip the Broker and Go Direct to the Buyer with Cover Wrap Marketing

July 22, 2015 by audience

We’ve worked with real estate developers, property managers, and leasing agents all over the United States and we’re familiar with all the complexities and challenges of marketing in real estate.

With the cover wrap marketing programs from Audience Innovation you can cut through the chaos and speak directly to your future home buyers and tenants so that they come directly to you, saving the time and hassle of dealing with brokers and limiting time spent sorting through the spam and competition sitting on every property listing website — often producing low quality leads that return low quality results.
Rather than spending money on unreliable lead generation channels that smash your images and communication into the same cookie-cutter template they offer the competition, we offer real estate developers and marketers a chance to deliver their messaging covering a premier magazine every month across 4 to 6 pages.


The results speak for themselves. Putting a cover wrapped magazine in the hands of prospects and networks from our database partners will drive interest and result in sales. If you’re curious about how we constructed the prospecting database to find the right targets, contact us and we’ll gladly share our secrets!