Hyper-Targeted AFFLUENT Consumer DIRECT+Interactive+DIGITAL Solutions

Touch&Engage® any database of exact AFFLUENT targets to cultivate valuable long-term relationships, engage for direct inquiry and call-to-action with your best customers.

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Everything we do is driven by database precision.

Put Your Brand on the FRONT COVER of any of our 400+ Premier Magazines, Delivered to any EXACT Affluent Targets


What is AFFLUENT Cover Wrap Marketing?

Multiple hyper-targeted campaign solutions deliver a series of warming call-to-action mechanisms, only reaching the exact AFFLUENT households most vital to your brand/s. Our campaigns attach your brand to well-respected content partners, an ongoing engagement for your key targets.

Campaign Timing & Cycle Examples

All timing can be adjusted to fit specific targeting/timing needs. Please ask for any options, and we’ll gladly share flexibilities.
  • CHOOSE Your Most Vital Target/s
  • CHOOSE Your Best Content Partner
  • CHOOSE Your Preferred Start Date

We handle all campaign details, and keep the process simple for our clients.  Share your target audience needs with us, and we’ll share our best practices based on 500+ prior client campaigns.

Affluent Household Annual Campaign

Our Simple Steps – How it Works

STEP 1 – We identify your target, high/low counts, and database sources.

STEP 2 – We identify your best content partner options based on content/target, campaign specs given various magazine’s minimums.

STEP 3 – We identify your preferred start date options based on timing, key events, big business dates, etc. – and determine # of months per objectives.

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Texas Real Estate Sales with Opening Year Revenue Focus
1,276 Affluent HH’s, 11 Zip Codes, HHI $1MM+, Kids/Private Schools

Luxury Fashion Brands with Multiple Retail Showrooms
9,524 Affluent Households in 17 Key Markets w/Retail Showrooms

Automotive Manufacturer of Ultra High-End Vehicle Types
9,756 Select Buyers of Luxury Vehicles in Selected Markets

Luxury Retirement Community Launching New Resident Sales
5,600 Households 50+, $3MM Net Worth, in 37 Selected Zip Codes

High-End Furniture & Home Textiles USA Manufacturer
6,523 Affluent HH’s w/New Home Purchases During Last 6 Months

Luxury Spa & Resort with Primary Feeder Markets
12,534 Select Affluent Females Known to Frequent Spas/Resorts

High-End Home Furnishings Retailer, Online Sales Focus
24,323 Buyers of Luxury Furniture for New Homes Last 3 Years

Global Luxury Hotel & Resort Brand, Driving Weeklong Stays
6,562 Affluent HH’s w/Propensity to Travel with Luxury Brand Names

Golf Club Manufacturer Targeting Affluent Males
11,188 Frequent Male 55+ Golfers, Chosen per Geo/Demo Filters

International Time Share Brand for Platinum HH’s
6,771 50+ Affluent Households Known to Travel Internationally

Solar Manufacturer Targeting Affluent Zip Codes Nationwide
22,312 Affluent HH’s Based on Home Value $2MM+ in Select Zips

Private Shared Jets Targeting Frequently 1st Class Travelers
5,670 Affluent Travelers Who’ve Leased Private Jets in Recent Past

Luxury Mens Watches & Jewelry Targeting Females
13,422 Affluent Women w/Luxury Jewelry Charged to Credit Cards

How It Works – Our Simple Steps

We work with you to develop a hyper-precise database of customers/prospects matched to your exact parameters and then, you select any one of our 400+ content partners to co-branded messaging.
Each campaign launches with a branded personal announcement to each of your recipients. As a result, they’re receptive and deliver a bold and powerful response.

Announcement Examples
No need to produce new creative, simply repurpose existing content in a cover wrap format and we handle all details, including all content in 4-, 6-page or custom design.

Creative Best Practices
Extend the reach of your campaign to your target online with a digital component that amplifies your message, and increases brand exposure, and call-to-action.

Interactive Options

Campaigns are placed for 12, 6 or 3 months (or any custom timeframe). You’ll receive a custom response survey (with analytics) to measure target impact and to share in your internal marketing reports – added to your internal analytics. Multiple measures are secured, to gauge all direct benefits.

AFFLUENT Targeting Results You Get: Top-Line Detail …


  • Affluent Household’s $1MM+
  • Affluent Household’s $5MM+
  • Affluent Household’s $10MM+
  • Affluent Men in Top 25 Markets
  • Affluent Women in Top 50 Markets
  • Any Geo/Demo Filter Targeting

No matter what AFFLUENT target, results are very consistent regarding reach, awareness and readership.  And, call-to-action scores are significant, and vary depending on the product/service and target, though all are exceptionally high compared to typical stats via other channels.

For some, +3% is huge, while others achieve a +50% conversion response. We’ll share more specifically regarding your target, product and service, related to similar client’s campaign results.

As an example, an automotive client with AFFLUENT targets achieved +$145MM in sales from a $450K investment.  As a result, they continued campaigns consecutively for 7+ years, and spent $1MM+ annually, after the initial campaign’s sales match was 16% results.

Our CASE STUDIES span nearly every category. Request our SAMPLE PACKET for more info today.


80% of Fortune 500 Use Cover Wrap Campaigns
to Deliver Hyper-Targeted Customer Results

Target Affluent Consumers
by Geo/Demo Parameters

Clients target successfully for both retention/acquisition objectives, to create the most effective results. Campaigns include turn-key activation, database, announcement, continuous service, zero-waste and in-market post stats.

What if you could attach your company’s brochure to the exterior of a well-known magazine, reaching only your exact affluent customers/prospects and, as a result, 80%+ of your target reads your ‘magalog’ (vs. 98% in the trash)? … Would that be a valuable payoff this year? If so, we’d love to talk targets/ideas.

Direct-to-Customer Touch Point Marketing Campaigns

CONNECT with the AFFLUENT Households
Most Likely to Engage Long-Term Loyalty

Engage premier co-branded content to touch and engage your most vital affluent customer and prospect targets.  Each affluent campaign is cultivated via exact database precision, ongoing in-home touch points, and now with 360° digital targeting too.

Campaign Extensions – Flexibility & Impact is Our Mission

Our clients include many ‘Who’s Who’ in global and national brands, and many of the Fortune 500®. The reason is simple: our campaigns deliver engaging touch points cultivating our client’s most vital customers and prospects, those increasingly hard to reach.

Hyper-Target Flexibility

Clutter-bust digital overwhelm with precise messaging matched to your exact target segments added to the flexibility of direct capabilities of Audience Innovation, and reach any B2B target audience in-office, and via your c-suite, trade or channel partners.

Digital Connectivity

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via PRINT+DIGITAL, we deliver augmented campaigns to cultivate your most valuable relationships with your most hard-to-reach targets, for both business and consumer. Our PRINT+DIGITAL solutions deliver results.

Events & Trade Shows

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazines direct to any event/s for valuable collateral for customers and/or prospects. Choose from any of our 400+ premier content partners, and use this effective tool to support your trade shows and events.

One-Shot Promotions

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazine direct to any office, home or retail location for immediate call-to-action messaging for events, retail promotions, individual ‘test drive’ invitations for affluent targets, and other promotional objectives.

Interactive Touch Points Drive BOLD Digital Interaction

In the vast overwhelm of today’s marketing world, cutting the clutter to engage cultivated customers and/or prospects requires skill and precision. Our hyper-targeted marketing campaigns deliver exceptional results for B2B, AFFLUENT, RETAIL and PHARMA targets.

Cover Wraps +

Engage our NFC technology to drive digital interaction with exact targets.

Cover Wraps +

Engage buzz cards as a high impact tool to drive targeted user interaction.

Cover Wraps +

Engage embedded video to deliver a compelling message, product demo.

Cover Wraps +

Integrate your magazine cover wrap campaign by extending retargeting across the web – even mobile devices.

Cover Wraps +

Cover wrap digital prospecting uses your existing cover wrap customer data to identify high-value prospects.

Cover Wraps +

License 3rd-party content via 400+ publishers to elevate your brand, or integrated customer touch points.

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