Deliver IMPACT with Our Hyper-Targeted AFFLUENT Magazine Cover Wraps

Touch&Engage® any database of exact AFFLUENT targets to cultivate valuable long-term relationships, engage for immediate inquiry, respond to call-to-action, and warms your customers and prospects.

How It Works for AFFLUENTWhy It Works for AFFLUENT

What is AFFLUENT Cover Wrap Marketing?

Multiple hyper-targeted campaign solutions deliver a series of warming call-to-action mechanisms, only reaching the exact AFFLUENT households most vital to your brand, and business.

Our magazine cover wrap campaigns attach your company’s brand to a well-known and well-respected content partner, which creates an ongoing engagement experience for your vital targets.

Our Simple Steps – How it Works

STEP 1 – We identify your target, high/low counts, and database source options.

STEP 2 – We identify your best content partner options based on content/target, campaign specs given various magazine’s minimum requirements.

STEP 3 – We identify your preferred start date options based on timing, key events, big business dates, etc. – and determine # of months per campaign goals.

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Targeting Results You Get: Top-Line Detail …

No matter what AFFLUENT target, results are very consistent for reachawareness and readership.  And, call-to-action scores are significant, and vary depending on the product/service and target, though all are exceptionally high compared to our client’s typical response norms via other outbound channels.  For some, as an example, +3% is huge, while others achieve a +50% increase. We’ll share more specifically, regarding your target, and product/service, related to similar campaigns.

As a real-life example, an automotive client with AFFLUENT targets achieved +$145MM in sales from a $450K investment.  As a result, they continued their campaigns for 7+ years, and spent $1MM+ annually, after the initial sales match confirmed by their internal sources.  Their sales match was 16%, and they targeted affluent business owners for both personal and business vehicles.

And another, a very high-end retailer who targeted 3,000 affluent males in San Francisco, all within a 5-mile radius of the retail store.  They specifically focused on custom-made suits, of which this location was selling far-fewer vs. other stores systemwide.  Within 6 months, sales were equalling other stores, and the campaign was deemed very successful by our client.

Our CASE STUDIES span nearly every AFFLUENT category and target – please ask us for SAMPLES, and/or more info any time.


80% of the Fortune 500 Use Cover Wrap Campaigns
to Engage Hyper-Targeted Customers & Deliver Results

Target Affluent Consumers
by Geo/Demo Parameters

Clients target successfully for both retention and/or acquisition objectives, to create the most effective results. Campaigns include turn-key activation, database development, announcement letter, continuous service, zero-waste and in-market post stats.

What if you could attach your company’s brochure to the exterior of a well-known magazine, reaching only your exact affluent customers/prospects and, as a result, 80%+ of your target reads your ‘magalog’ (vs. 98% in the trash)? … Would that be a valuable payoff for you this year? If so, we’d love to talk targets/ideas.

CONNECT with the AFFLUENT Households
Most Likely to Engage Long-Term Loyalty

Engage premier co-branded content to touch and engage your most vital affluent customer and prospect targets.  Each affluent campaign is cultivated via exact database precision, ongoing in-home touch points, and now with 360° digital targeting too.

Campaign Extension Options – 1000’s of Companies Use Cover Wraps

Our clients include many of the ‘Who’s Who’ in global and national marketing, including many of the Fortune 500® as well. The reason is simple: cover wrap campaigns deliver engaging physical touch points with our client’s most vital customers and prospects, those increasingly hard to reach.

Hyper-Target Flexibility

Clutter-bust digital overwhelm with precise messaging matched to your exact target segments added to the flexibility of direct capabilities of Audience Innovation, and reach any B2B target audience in-office, and via your c-suite, trade or channel partners.

Digital Connectivity

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via PRINT+DIGITAL, we deliver augmented campaigns to cultivate your most valuable relationships with your most hard-to-reach targets, for both business and consumer. Our PRINT+DIGITAL solutions deliver results.

Events & Trade Shows

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazines direct to any event/s for valuable collateral for customers and/or prospects. Choose from any of our 400+ premier content partners, and use this effective tool to support your trade shows and/or events.

One-Shot Promotions

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazine direct to any office, home or retail location for immediate call-to-action messaging for events, retail promotions, individual ‘test drive’ invitations for affluent targets, and other promotional objectives.