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Cultivate Your Customers via Bold Co-Branded Content Solutions

400+ Publishing Partner Options – We’ll help you choose the best partner for your targets.

We Deliver Optimal Content Targeting
400+ Powerful+Premier Media Brands

Which of these power-house brands is most engaging for your company? We’ll help narrow the list for your target/s – to discover which is the smartest strategy for a tactical direct marketing campaign.

Choosing the ‘best’ content for you cover wrap marketing campaign is different than choosing your in-book advertising vehicles. We’ll explain the difference, and best practices for biggest impact.

Our Primary Publishing Partners

400+ Premier Content Partners
Engage Your Target’s Mindset

We only recommend the best option/s for your consideration and final review, built to your exact database, targeting and content parameters.

Choose from any of our 400+ authorized co-branded content partners for your most preferred content engagement option/s. We align campaign parameters: target, count, start date & timing.

Choose Any of Our Pre-Existing 400+ Content Partners

Content byDemo/Niche

Which content partners are best-suited for each target? Here’s a simple breakdown by target, and a few other key categories, and we’ll guide the selection process to optimize target impact.

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