Hyper-Targeted POINT-OF-CARE DIRECT+Interactive+DIGITAL Solutions

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Everything we do is driven by database precision.

Put Your Brand on the FRONT COVER of any of 400+ Premier Magazines, Delivered to Any Physician’s Offices

What is Point-of-Care Cover Wrap Marketing?

When targeting any point-of-care audience, magazine cover wrap campaigns are a proven solution that attaches your content around any of our premier magazines, delivering your ads to waiting rooms matched to your POC network. Choose from any of our 50+ physician networks, or we’ll build an precise network to match your exact target filters.

Campaign Timing & Cycle Examples

All timing can be adjusted to fit specific targeting/timing needs. Please ask for any options, and we’ll gladly share flexibilities.
  • CHOOSE Your Most Vital Target/s
  • CHOOSE Your Best Content Partner
  • CHOOSE Your Preferred Start Date
  • CHOOSE Your NFC Device Options

We handle all campaign details, and keep the process simple for our clients.  Share your target audience needs with us, and we’ll share our best practices.

Point-of-Care Annual Campaign

Interactive DIRECT + DIGITAL Touch Points

Campaigns start with as few as 500 named targets, and your database or we build for you.

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Retargeting

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Prospecting

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Customer Marketing

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Retargeting

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Prospecting

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Multiply the Outreach of Your Sales Force Assets

Campaigns are built using a variety of tactics and start with as few as 500 named targets (your database and/or we build for your targets).

Our Simple Steps – How it Works

STEP 1 – We identify your physician network, % coverage & high/low counts.

STEP 2 – We identify your best content partner options based on target match, campaign specs, and various magazine’s minimums.

STEP 3 – We identify your preferred start date based on in-market timing, creative availability, and # months based on in-market goals.

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10,867 Acupuncturists

5,918 Allergists

2,966 Anesthesiologists

1,454 Cancer Support Groups

12,725 Cardiologists

38,219 Chiropractors

23,522 Walk-In Clinics

8,084 Dermatologists

5,828 Ear Nose & Throat

2,872 Emergency Medicine

4,022 Endocrinologists

7.622 Gastroenterologists

2,723 General Practitioners

2,893 Hematolgists

22,572 Internal Medicine

1,505 Laser Vision Surgeons

3,614 Nephrologists

7,958 Neurologists

4,173 Nutritionists

20,933 Ob/Gyn Physicians

6,654 Oncologists

12,690 Opthamologists

24,335 Optomotrists

11,420 Orthopedics

19,318 Osteopathogists

27,976 Pediatricians

34,590 Physical Therapists

8,691 Podiatrists

88,919 Primary Care Physicians

14,336 Psychiatrists

11,998 Psychologists

4,197 Pulmonologists

6,587 Radiologists

2,648 Rheumatologists

5,610 Sports Medicine

12,699 General Surgeons

5,908 Urologists

Targeting Results You Get: Top-Line Detail …

Clients choose from our large portfolio of 400+ pre-existing content partners (magazine publishers), to target any exact matched list of POC physician’s office waiting rooms.  Our POC campaigns are compliant to Sunshine Act, and  AAM audit requirements.

  • Exact Match to Physician List
  • Primary & Secondary Match
  • All Major Magazine Options
  • Fully Managed Activation
  • Highest Quality Production
  • Most Expansive Flexibility
  • Campaign Best Practices

90% of the Nation’s TOP 50 Pharma Companies Use
Cover Wrap Campaigns to Educate Patient Targets

Choose from 50 Physician
Networks by Physician Type

We offer the flexibility of choosing an entire network, and grant network exclusivity, or choose any component of a network for your exact market footprint, in any combination of geo/demo and physician-type filters for most efficient campaign.

Physician Network Examples

  • Networks available first-come, first-served, by location type.
  • Exclusivity based on # and % chosen (i.e. 50%, 75% or 100%).
  • For available inventory, please share network/s of interests, and if list-match is required.  Minimum campaign term for exclusivity is 6 months, depending on count.  All publisher options will be explored and recommended based on best content match for targeting objectives, given timing, count and other factors.

Co-branded Content: Frequency & Impact

Any Physician Network Built to Match Your Exact Footprint

We’re Well-Known for Our Elastic Campaign Creativity & Flexibility

Campaign Extensions – Flexibility & Impact is Our Mission

Hyper-Target Flexibility

Clutter-bust the overwhelm of digital with precise messaging matched to your exact target audience and CRM segments.

Digital Connectivity

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via PRINT+DIGITAL, we deliver augmented campaigns to cultivate vital relationships.

Events & Trade Shows

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazines direct to any event/s for valuable collateral for customers and/or prospects.

One-Shot Promotions

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazine direct to any office, home or retail location for immediate call-to-action.

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