Magazine Cover Wraps
+360° Digital Targeting

For literally pennies you can extend the life of your cover wrap campaigns for an extra 90 days by discovering users as they search the web or browse their favorite social media networks. Prime your most-valued users before, during, and after each campaign for integrated DIRECT+DIGITAL.

Stop Advertising. Start Prospecting.

Cover Wrap DIGITAL RETARGETING and DIGITAL PROSPECTING connects your target list via your
cover wrap marketing campaign into a powerful algorithm that analyzes digital signals from billions
of user profiles. In doing so, you discover potential customers who not only look like your current
customers, but also act like them, and … they’re great new prospects for your business’ acceleration.

How Digital Retargeting & Prospecting Works

Reach your customers across any device, browser, or app with access to over 500 ad exchanges, including native ad inventory like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest.

1.2+ Billion Digital Prospects

We use a powerful programmatic advertising platform driven by an artificial intelligence core that tracks the online behavior of our customer target list during your cover wrap campaign. We then find other users that match the digital profile of your target customers and serve personalized ads to new prospects.

Decrease Advertising Costs Current Customer Touch Points

For literally pennies, you extend the span of your cover wrap campaign by adding retargeting to prime your most-valued targets before a campaign begins via our retargeting option.

How does prospecting work?

Prospecting campaigns are powered by large, robust data sets of customer behavior tied to specific customer outcomes allowing us create predictive models around customer “intent”. Collected from online publishing partner sites, social media networks, or advertiser sites, these many data sources are analyzed by an artificial intelligence system to identify potential customers most likely to engage your brand.

Customer Acquisition Metrics

Digital prospecting with your cover wrap campaign works as a customer-acquisition solution because it eliminates guesswork. Instead of relying on the advertiser to manually set demographic, contextual, or placement targeting, our prospecting solutions use machine learning algorithms to serve ads to probable customers that match the behavior of the database used for the campaign.

Marketing Knowledge
PLUS Machine Learning

Prospecting campaigns can also use behavioral targeting (i.e., targeting based on browsing and shopping actions, or information download actions, etc.) to automatically pinpoint the audiences most likely to convert. Usually systems this advanced require lots of time and money to get up and running properly. Audience Innovation’s database support services will help you get you streamline this process, saving you thousands of dollars while getting you the performance you need, faster.

120% Higher Click-through for 32% More Impressions

Social networks give brands a direct line to engaged consumers. Retargeting on social gives you access to some of the largest audiences online and lets you take advantage of native tools—such as shares, likes, and comments—to expand target reach.

With mobile retargeting, advertisers retarget desktop visitors as they browse social networks on their mobile devices, or retarget mobile site visitors as they move to desktop when researching purchases.

Bold Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns Deliver Layered Touch Points

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

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