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Everything we do is driven by database precision.

Put Your Brand on the FRONT COVER of any of our 400+ Premier Magazines, Delivered to any EXACT Retail Targets

What is a RETAIL Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaign?

When targeting retail ‘geo/demo’ consumers, magazine cover wrap campaigns are a proven solution that ‘wraps’ your advertising around a select well-known national magazine and then, we deliver it to any exact out-of-home locations matching your target by geo/demo and other exact filters. Choose your database, and/or one we build for you, or any of our 110+ networks.

Campaign Timing & Cycle Examples

All timing can be adjusted to fit specific targeting/timing needs. Please ask for any options, and we’ll gladly share flexibilities.
  • CHOOSE Your Most Vital Target/s
  • CHOOSE Your Best Content Partner
  • CHOOSE Your Preferred Start Date

We handle all campaign details, and keep the process simple for our clients.  Share your target audience needs with us, and we’ll share our best practices based on 500+ prior client campaigns.

Consumer Retail-Targeted Annual Campaign

Interactive DIRECT + DIGITAL Touch Points

Campaigns start with as few as 500 named targets, and your database or we build for you.

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Retargeting

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Prospecting

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Customer Marketing

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Retargeting

Magazine Cover Wraps
+ONLINE Prospecting

Magazine Cover Wraps

Magazine Cover Wraps

Multiply the Outreach of Your Sales Force Assets

Campaigns are built using a variety of tactics and start with as few as 500 named targets (your database and/or we build for your targets).

Our Simple Steps – How it Works

STEP 1 – We identify your most effective network, % coverage, footprint, and high/low counts for exact target coverage for your markets.

STEP 2 – We identify your best content partner options based on target match, campaign specs, and various magazine’s minimums.

STEP 3 – We identify your preferred start date options based on in-market timing, creative availability, and # months based on objectives.

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Retail Geo/Demo Targeting

 3,287 Day Spas & Salons

 35,297 Barber Shops

 14,707 Coffee Shops & Bistros

   2,181 Country Clubs

   4,924 Dance Studios

   1,272 Gymnastic Centers

 17,385 Travel Agents

   3,694 Motorcycle Dealers

 14,630 Tire & Service Shops

   2,542 Ford Dealerships

   9,575 Fire Stations & Houses

125,753 Hair Salons

   8,742 Interior Designers

   9,044 Lube & Transmission

 17,198 Fitness Centers

   2,052 Bed & Breakfast Lodges

 19,352 Veterinarians

   2,794 Private Golf Courses

   3,431 General Hospitals

   2,568 RV Dealers

   1,405 Cardiac Rehab Centers

   2,541 Nutrition Centers

   1,845 Motorcycle Repair Shops

   2,005 Buick Dealers

   3,342 Car Stereo Install Shops

   1,867 Chrysler Dealers

   1,137 Gun Shops & Ranges

   1,227 Gymnastics Centers

   3,534 Tattoo Parlors

   1,544 Boat Dealers

 87,007 Dentist’s Offices

 10,083 Orthodontist’s Offices

   3,529 Realtor’s Offices

 12,543 Hispanic Hair Salons

   2,411 Stereo Equipment Stores

   1,208 Marriage Counselors
   4,536 Marriage Therapists

 43,667 Auto Repair Shops

Targeting Results You Get: Top-Line Detail …

Our consumer retail campaigns are 100% targetable, including zip codes, street addresses, GPS-radial targeting, and any demographic filters, via our 200+ out-of-home types – precision point-of-sale reach.

Our clients choose from our proprietary selection of 1.5MM out-of-home locations, sculpted to their exact marketing footprint by any assortment of geo/demo filters, and GPS-radius targeting.  Any one market, multiple markets, or any set matched to your parameters – precision point-of-sale targeting.

80% of the Fortune 500 Use Cover Wraps
to Engage Hyper-Targeted Customers & Prospects

Our 110+ Retail Networks
for Precision Local Targeting

You get the flexibility of choosing an entire network exclusively, or any component for your exact footprint, in any combination of geo/demo filters to align the most efficient and economical campaign (national, regional or local) – i.e. any footprint.

Location-Based Targeting Examples

  • Networks available first-come-first served, by location type.
  • Exclusivity based on # and % chosen (i.e. 50%, 75% or 100%).
  • For options, share network/s of interest, and if list-match required.  Minimum campaign term is 6-month – all publisher options based on best match for target.

Co-branded Content: Frequency & Impact

Who are Most Likely to Purchase Products/Services from You

Engage one of our premier co-branded content partners to touch and engage your most vital retail customers and prospects.  Each campaign is cultivated via exact geo/demo filters from our 1.5MM locations and, providing ongoing point-of-sale, and now with 360° digital targeting too.

Examples of Our Proprietary 1.5MM Location Targeting Options

Campaign Extensions – Flexibility & Impact is Our Mission

Hyper-Target Flexibility

Clutter-bust the overwhelm of digital with precise messaging matched to your exact target audience and CRM segments.

Digital Connectivity

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via PRINT+DIGITAL, we deliver augmented campaigns to cultivate vital relationships.

Events & Trade Shows

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazines direct to any event/s for valuable collateral for customers and/or prospects.

One-Shot Promotions

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazine direct to any office, home or retail location for immediate call-to-action.

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