A whole different kind of Marketing Innovation Company

Interactive design incorporates strategy that fosters collaborative thinking to further the value proposition. We offer strategic partners a multitude of marketing and financial benefits, and sales assets, to fortify your business and long-term client relationships – and to build your long-term scaled revenue model.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to grow fully-supported client assets, give us a jingle to share details.

Our strategic partners are carefully chosen, so we have high-success.

    • Small Agency & Independent Model
    • Existing F5000 Client Base & Relationships
    • Well-versed in B2B, Trade, Affluent, Point-of-Care and/or Consumer Targeting Expertise & Contacts
    • All Sales Assets & Proposals
    • Fully-integrated Activation Model
    • Pricing Advantages & Benefits
    • Client/Account Exclusivity
    • Financially Very Lucrative

Send us an email to initiate a chat RE your interest.

Paul C. Kostial – President & CEO – paul.kostial@audienceinnovation.com

OFFICE 888.241.6634, x719 – 102 Westlake Drive, Suite 104, Austin TX 78746