CLUTTER BUSTER: Why do OFFLINE campaigns deliver such positive sales results?

2018-10-18 by Paul Kostial

It’s really simple human psychology, the answer to why/how offline drip campaigns are working so well today and, they’re driving online interaction and sales results too?

First, humans aren’t one dimensional (yet) – at least we hope. What that means is, seriously, people react to (and engage with) all kinds of touch points. Some touch points are online, and some are offline – and, it’s the mix of both that’s driving the highest customer interaction today, depending on product and/or action desired.

Offline touch points engage your targets differently – it’s not online vs. offline; it’s more about online PLUS offline. Think: events, posters, direct mail, post cards, outdoor boards, signage, in-hand interactions, tv/cable, sales meetings, radio, podcasts, etc. … all different kinds of customer touch points, and each has their priority, and their customer-engaging role.

We think of it as “connect-the-dots” multi-channel, but even that word is so over-used these days, it’s almost cliche. What it means is touch points that are both online, and offline. People are often overwhelmed with online ‘content’ these days. Too much email. Too many Linked posts to even see them all, even if they’re re-targeted – it’s overwhelming, and hard to keep up with it all these days. As a result, many companies are using multi-platform today – OFFLINE+ONLINE– to engage their most vital targets, and it’s working, and diving results for sales and, sales teams to interact and engage their best customers.

Online, many companies are swim in a sea of fragmentation and overwhelm, and it’s a daunting objective to rise above that clutter, unless you have millions of $$$ for budget and, even then … is a banner really gonna move a multi-million-dollar purchase decision to close, or a CFO to purchase?

Not likely.

And yet, although online touch points have their value and benefit, they need to be kept in perspective and, prioritized with other ‘drips’ and coordinated, i.e. sequenced as we call it. If humans were robots it might be different but, we’re not robots (yet) and thus, we interact with different touch points in different context and, we have a different emotional response for each type of touch point interaction. Unless you’re selling shampoo, or ketchup, i.e. the one-click-to-buy purchase, the combination of online+offline is what’s working best today.

RESULTS UP; COSTS DOWN: What’s working best for our clients, specifically, is online plus a series of sequenced tangible touch points. We overlay their online strategy with timed touch points of magazine cover wraps and, it’s all coordinated with their online platforms, and focused ONLY on those who matter most. For both B2B targets, and affluent B2C targets, the tactic is highly effective and, it’s producing even better results than ever before. Likely because the overwhelm online is so great, and direct marketing tactics are producing amplified results, even for your most difficult-to-reach target audiences.

With the ‘magazine’ per se, consider it your valued content partner and, the media brand itself lifts your company’s brand by association, i.e. Forbes, Fortune, Wired, Fast Company, Inc., ESPN, Good Housekeeping, and 400+ more content options. Consider, the magazine is a ‘Trojan horse’ that delivers your message and, maybe oddly, it’s not about the magazine; it’s only the delivery device that gets your valued message directly into the hands of your most valued targets and, only those you want to reach, 100% of them – that’s 100% reach.

And as a result, your targets appreciate your gesture of goodwill and, they interact with and respond to your messaging, even driving them back to your sales team, and/or online channels. It’s the combination that’s working, online+offline, and simple sequenced messaging that’s driving customer education, thought leadership, product demos, and more.

If you’d like to know more about our platforms, and if they’ll work well with your targets, please reach out to me personally, and I’ll coordinate a time to chat, learn more about your targets, and how best our platforms works for your specific category, and target type.

Please feel free to visit our website, or listen to our newest podcast regarding “What’s working? CEO Interview” – or email me direct to discuss your most vital targets, and our recommendation based on nearly 30 years experience, and 600+ client’s campaigns. We look forward to it, and to sharing ideas how best to amplify your targeted interactions. – Office: 888.241.6634,719

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