2021-07-14 Charles Miller

There is no denying that the ad industry has taken over the world in numerous ways, especially magazine cover ads. Even after the fact that we live in a new age, the digital era, print publication still matters to all generations. According to a survey conducted, 92% of young adults prefer printed content over digital content because they find it less confusing, less divergent, and easy to read. The same goes with millennials- up to 54% of them pay attention to catalogs and magazines. It is known that magazine ads can be a great way to build brand awareness and lure more customers to your product. But not every company succeeds in realizing a great ad and making a profit. So, what is that? What is the key to winning the heart of the potential customer? Worry not, today with the help of this post; we will share the best ad designs of magazines, which will help you learn all the required tips.


Top Examples of Graphic Design Magazine Ads!


No one can forget that the simple tagline “Pass the Heinz” has won the hearts of millions. You might not know, but it originated in one of the TV show episodes, “Mad Men.” The marketing genius Don Draper dropped the images of food of Heins without ketchup. The idea was to create a bond and fill the gap between the people. The strong bond between people helped the brand to create hype in the least time possible.

iPod Shuffle

iPod is a part of one of the biggest brands in this world, which is Apple. This special ad used a product to map out a running route in New York City’s Central Park. As we all know, joggers mostly use this product in the mornings and the evenings; that is why the officials of Apple covered the entire area where they used to run. This was a creative and different way of promoting a product; people loved this offline print advertising. 


Do you remember when Miami ad school designed a sharpie print ad that plays on the famous logo- it was the rolling stones logo? They used the tagline” it all started with a sharpie.” Their target was to point out the longevity and historical importance of the product, and they succeeded in it. Of course, it took a global trading magazine and some of the most iconic imagery from people across the world. 


Let’s talk about Ogilvy’s print campaign for the travel brand Expedia; they used three-letter airport codes to convey messaging that readers will associate with the splendors of taking a vacation at exceptional and exotic places. There was a case where the agency’s employees witnessed a lady with the IATA code “FUK” hanging around her suitcase; people say that is what prompted the idea.    

Burger King

We all know about the famous burger brand “Burger King.” But do you know about the renowned ad where they converted an unfortunate moment into an opportunity? This was filled with dark humor, so not everybody liked it, but it gave hype to burger king. The story relates to a restaurant that was burned down. Innovation is a mother of greatness. 


As I was talking about above, there is no denying that the ad industry has taken over the world in numerous ways, especially magazine cover ads. Even after the fact that we live in a new age, the digital era, print publication still matters to all generations. Heinz, iPod shuffle, Sharpie, Expedia, and Burger King were the most famous examples.

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2021-06-16 Charles Miller

The word “digital” is something that does not fade out of anybody’s mind. Whether we talk about taking your business online or creating a brand identity, everyone is dependent on online channels. Well, companies are also making dollars by adopting the process of online marketing strategies. But before you abandon the traditional approach of advertising channels like magazine cover advertising or banner printing, let’s look at what it can do and how effective it is for your business. 

Basically, magazine cover wraps are considered one of the effective ways to reach VIP clients. Yes, every loyal audience matters for your business, and it doesn’t matter what services or product you are offering; you can still use this approach to reach out to the audiences like pharma, doctors, retail, or B2B. Many largest brands still use magazine cover wraps advertising as a channel to gain consumers’ attention or increase business sales in the offline world. Likewise, most B2B companies use this approach as part of their marketing strategies. 

Select the appropriate magazine

The very first approach is to browse through the available publications and magazines and check out which one will fit your business or services. For example, suppose your business is all about fashion, so you need to look for the best vogue cover for your advertisement. This will help you in reaching the fashion influencer. 

Put your Ad where it will be most effective

The location of your Ad will be determined by the budget and type of content you are using. When you’re investing more, you can also put your content on the cover page to be more visible to the consumer. Either way, your content can be printed adjacent to any relevant article. 

Determine how much text is appropriate for your target audience

We all know the importance of creating content related to business promotion, either offline or online. For example, a magazine cover advertising should be brief and informative to engage consumer attention. Reading the audience’s mind is one of the most challenging tasks; therefore, if you want to gain consumer attention, make sure your content is qualitative.

Check to see if your ads are combined

Because you’re unlikely to promote only via one channel, it’s critical that every one of your marketing is connected or that all of your designs are consistent with your entire brand image. This includes your news magazine ad, which must be integrated into the overall story you’re conveying.

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Message Impact

Whenever you’re going for a message printing, you must know that content, designs, and style to be used for printing help gain attention and improve the visual representation of any products. For example, magazines usually practice a bright polish and recognize full-color covers. In short, you must take care of image, content, style, and design to be used in creating overall magazine advertisements. All these components help in giving more smooth touch to your message. You must understand that the message you’re going to use is for your audience that matters for your business. 

However, the effectiveness of your message advertising depends on the tools and promotion tactics that you are using. Therefore, you might face various pros and cons of it. But in the end, you’re going to use this magazine advertisement to target your audience and allow you to present compelling information affordably.

The Bottom Line!

Magazine cover advertising is a great way to meet audience needs and also increase any business sales. So, if you are looking to avail of such services, make sure to visit us. We at Audience Innovation work on engaging valued customers, patients, decision-makers for thought leadership, B2B, sales assets, and many more. Not only do we work with agency partners, but we also cover client needs. We organize all cover wrap platforms with fully managed activation for integrity, pharma, executive, and messaging goals. Connect with us today.

2021-04-19 Charles Miller

Dominant advertising reaches believable customers and ensures them how good your products and services. Abstractedly, magazine cover advertising captures prospective customers’ attention and cajole them into using your products. Inattentive of the method, we make all your advertisement apparent and conformably reflect your business’s unique capacitance statement. Although, you will get all types of magazine cover for B2B and B2C to advertise your products and services, as a result, in a growing business.

You can advertise your business by getting online or offline attractive and elegant messages that convert a visitor into a loyal customer. You may experience that a cover wrap magazine becomes the most effective way of business advertisement rather than other. In fact, by choosing four pages, six pages, eight pages, you can easily target your specific audience with a customizable marketing plan. A magazine can cover all the product’s details with an elegant picture that says more than words.


How can you get a successful business advertisement with magazine cover advertising?

You may experience that the cover wrap magazine ads are basically designed to communicate with the business executive, physicians, small business owners, highly targeted audience, etc. It also proven the efficiency, established and are used by 80% of the Fortune. Here are a few guidelines to make the advertisement of your business highly effective:

  • Ensure the ads are on strategy with your business:- While you plan to get a magazine cover to advertise your business, then you need to ensure the position’s strategy identification of the corrected targeted audience. Make sure the magazine advertising has a list of meaningful features and benefits. Actually, it gives the proper reason to the audience for choosing your services and products.
  • It communicates a single and simple message to the audience:-You must take care that the conveying message is single and straightforward that the audience easily understands. Because complicated ads confuse the people, and generally, they are not able to learn the name. With a perfect magazine cover wrap, make a suitable headline according to your products and services, and also add the price, selection, quality by keeping headlines in mind. Never go out of the way for advertising a brand because it doesn’t mean anything to the audience.
  • Be authentic:- If you say that your advertisement is best and it helps the audience to get the exact details of the business. But, do you think about the best advertising position in a magazine, or what to put on the back cover of a magazine. All things matter in advertising a brand, a product, a service. So, always contact a knowledgeable, authentic professional in making the best magazine cover for any business promotion.

What benefits will you get with a wrap cover magazine advertisement?

The benefits are:

  • High investment return
  • Cover influence and creative durability
  • Cover wrap stand out easily and get notices ever
  • Easy in getting targeted audiences and also helpful in developing audiences
  • A magazine cover printing is measurable and memorable

Final Thoughts!

In this post, we sum up the impact of magazine cover advertising for your B2B and B2C business. With the help of creative magazine printing, your products and services will be noticed by the audience, and they also entice to use your products. The magazine ads help to promote your business rapidly. We hope this above write-up conveyed facts and equipped your knowledge as well. If you are eager to grab more details about it, you may visit the website Audience Innovation.