Customer Engagement Via Kindred Buyer Interaction

2017-09-10 by Paul Kostial

The conundrum of marketing these days is engagement, and reliable measured response.  It’s a great thing, really, yet requires a bit of pre-thinking to drive impact and awareness, and call-to-action that’s a valid point-of-connection, vs. mindless drivel that actually doesn’t move the needle.

Customers today –i.e. us humans– are bombarded with 1,000+ inbound interruptions daily, if not more.  So, where does that leave you? … IF you have clients and prospects whose relationship with your business doesn’t function well via bulk materials from web banners, or similar moments of touch points that aren’t causing a long-term and beneficial connection with customers

It’s simple.  It leaves you with smart options to deliver customer-related touch points in an ongoing communication strategy, even if it’s just a ‘Hello, we’re committed to your business!’ message.  And then, how’s that accomplished?  Certainly not 100% via 1’s and 0’s, right?

Your customers, any customers, are engaged for a long-term relationship with their most loyal brands, and this applies to both business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) relationships, and to both your acquisition and retention objectives.  And essentially, the same formula applies to each sub-target, albeit a somewhat different means to accomplish interaction with each, and managed differently as well from a communication perspective.

Think about your best customers, and how best you’d engage with your company [if you were one of your own customers].  It’s a simple litmus test … would you buy from your company, IF you were targeted (and reached) by your company with the existing relationship and reach out mechanisms of your company?  It’s really not as difficult as it may seem, and be honest with you.

The BASICS … humans respond to properly placed, logical, intelligent outreach, including a ‘We love your business!’ message here and there.  A simple gesture creates simple results, and response, and always bodes well for you and your company, and your best customers.  The GESTURE of GOODWILL, i.e. thanks and well being, will always strike a reliable emotional chord.  Emotion is THE driving force and, quite simple, emotional connection is THE goal in vibrant customer-centric marketing and sales results.  So, build smart customers for life-long interaction.

CONCLUSION:  Maybe oddly, yet … our magazine cover wrap campaigns are producing exceptional measured results, more so than ever before.  And now, we’re layering with online retargeting (your exact same audience), plus … our new NFC ‘tap-to-digital’ interactive devices: there’s really nothing that’s more effective.  And, this is proven over and over again with client targets in: B2B, AFFLUENT, PHARMA and RETAIL categories.  Start with as few as only 500-1000 targets, we will build you a sales+marketing hyper-targeted campaign that works.


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