Executive Series: B2B Q&A with Richard Jameson, Top 100 Media Director

2018-11-06 by Paul Kostial

YOUR NAME: Richard Jameson

TITLE: Group Director, Client Advice & Management

COMPANY: Initiative

  • What’s the biggest B2B marketing trend you’ve witnessed in the last 2-3 years?
    • There’s been a shift towards a bigger reliance on 1st party CRM data. No longer are brands relying on 2nd & 3rd party data alone. Sophisticated marketers are using their customer data to better segment and target audiences, while ultimately driving better response.
  • What’s the biggest challenge that faces B2B marketers today?
    • Proper measurement. With consumer products, you can easily track online orders & sales whereas most B2B focuses on Lead Generation. Closing the loop is difficult, with very few advertisers able to track a lead all the way through the sales cycle…and tying that lead back to an individual vendor proves even more difficult.
  • What B2B marketing challenges do you foresee forthcoming in 2018?
    • The sheer number of vendors and data sources available to target with has become difficult to manage. It will be imperative that marketers uncover best-in-class solutions and have very clear KPI’s for success.
  • What’s your best approach to cutting the clutter that faces B2B marketers today?
    • Always look to uncover the best one to one tactics available…be it through CRM customer matching, leveraging mobile device IDs, or tapping into publisher customer lists. This is the only way you can know for certain that you are reaching the exact B2B audience desired.

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