B2B Marketing Today: What Works Best for B2B Targets?

2018-06-15 by Paul Kostial

Question is: what’s working for B2B performance today, actually causing sales results?

well, that’s a big question, as there’s many options for B2B targeting these days, and many are working, and some more so.

Magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns, produced WITH our online retargeting platforms, do cut-the-clutter (and augment your sales force/channels), and producing exceptional inbound stats for our client’s campaigns.


For our B2B clients, there’s ONE smart tactic that drives direct measurable results today, and that’s THE layered approach to targeting, i.e. including both ONLINE+OFFLINE in a simple sequenced messaging platform, and non-invasive B2B outreach.

Our smart campaign tactic works best in today’s world of overwhelm, conveyed via constant positive ROI and sales results – these campaigns drive immediate and long-term interaction – proven by Fortune 500® companies repeatedly.

Additionally, these campaigns are augmenting our client’s sales force actions, which is also critical today, as the frustration of sales response continues to escalate globally.

Especially with so many B2B customers being so difficult to reach these days, i.e. bunkered, and many are then lost in the overwhelm of overwhelm.

Reaching B2B customers and prospects is guaranteed with our tactical campaign model.
Here’s how it works … 
  • Only target EXACT execs you want, name-by-name
  • Target vital B2B decision-makers both offline+online
  • We do heavy-lifting, simple solutions delivered for our client/agency partners
  • Simple guided process, with literally hundred’s of best-practice steps delivers results
  • Measure every campaign, and guide cultivated results

Current client testimonials … 

  • F500 Enterprise Client:  “This is by far the best results we’ve received for any campaign targeting our enterprise channel, and I’ve been here 10 years now. This works!”
  • Banking Client:  “Your campaign produces the sales conversions we need for our commercial targets, and with zero waste, renewing in 2018.”
  • Manufacturing Client:  “We live in a boring world for marketing, so our campaign produced with ESPN gives our business bold branding.”

These solutions are producing results across all B2B channels, and all B2B targets – i.e. Enterprise, Channel Partners, Trade Targets, C-Suite Decision-Makers, Retailers, Distributors, Dealers, Commercial Customers, and the B2B list goes on, and on, and on – any B2B target, any CRM, any customer database.


If you want more details, all we need is your target description, and … do you have a database already developed?  If not, we build your database, in combo with your own, and/or as an independent target structure.

Immediacy and impact is vital, via a well-planned ‘sequenced’ messaging strategy, and causing results for our clients, large and small, including F500 marketers in the B2B space, and much smaller companies using the same platforms, just a smaller version depending on their target/database counts.

  • Please email or call if you’d like a little more info, a quick overview, client examples, cost options for your targets.
  • CLICK HERE for FOUR USE CASE EXAMPLES of B2B targeted results from four different current B2B clients.

CONCLUSION:  Impressively, hyper-targeted B2B magazine cover wrap tactics produce exceptional measured CTA and ROI results, more so than ever before.  And now, layered with online targeting (i.e. exact same audience, name-by-name), plus … our new NFC ‘tap-to-digital’ interactive devices: there’s literally nothing producing more effective results today.

NOTE: Start with as few as only 500+ or 1,000+ targets, and we build sales+marketing hyper-targeted campaign that works for your business.

Many thanks for your interest, and/or your shared ideas and comments.  We look forward to speaking with you very soon.

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