BOLD MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Unique Customer Impact & Frequency

Magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns attach your company’s message to a well-respected content partner, creating an engaging brand experience for vital targets, and cut-the-clutter for engaging impact. Combined with interactive and digital only increases reliable analytics.

Our co-branded targeting tactic delivers call-to-action via multiple ongoing touch points, and reaching ONLY your exact target for measured direct marketing response analytics.
What Is Magazine Cover Wrap Advertising & Marketing?

Put Your Brand on the FRONT COVER of any of 400+ Premier Magazines, Delivered to any EXACT Customers & Prospects


What is a magazine cover wrap marketing campaign … ?

Our magazine cover wrap campaigns attach your company’s branded message to any one of 400+ well-respected content partners, creating an ongoing engagement with any vital target/s of importance to your brand/s.

Campaign Timing & Cycle Examples

All timing can be adjusted to fit specific targeting/timing needs. Please ask for any options, and we’ll gladly share flexibilities.
  • CHOOSE Most Vital Target/s
  • CHOOSE Best Content Partner
  • CHOOSE Preferred Start Date

Flexible Sequencing Options

Magazine Cover Wrap Campaign Examples

Click the targeting tabs to view examples of how magazine cover wraps deliver a robust brand impression in multiple different ways, and not including digital extension options.

  • B2B
  • B2B
  • B2B
  • B2B

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: C-Suite Executives & Affluent Households

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Trade Targets & On/Off Premise Retailers

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Private Wealth Customers & Prospects

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Foodservice Customers & Trade Marketing Targets

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Exact Physician’s Waiting Rooms of Rheumatologist’s

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Affluent Households & Competitive Vehicle Owners

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Private Wealth Customers in Specific Affluent Zip Codes

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Moms w/Kids in Select Geo/Demo Retail Clusters

CAMPAIGN TARGET/S: Geo/Demo Targeted Out-of-Home in GPS Retail Radius

Why It Works

Cover wraps cut the clutter of daily digital overwhelm and deliver direct messaging with robust billboard-style impact.

The combined effect of co-branded content, PLUS ongoing multi-faceted touch points, creates a receptive targeted engagement each time it’s received in target’s office, home or retail locations.

Staying visibly in front of your most valued customers is what cultivates the most critical relationships, and call-to-action.

Predispose your targets to take action, and to be receptive to sales efforts. Our high-impact PRINT+DIGITAL, deployed in tandem, results in the greatest impact and efficient investment, and proven ROI.

Magazine Coverwrap Campaign Examples

3 Simple Steps to Initiate Your Campaign Targeting Options

STEP 1 – Choose Target

STEP 2 – Match Content

STEP 3 – Set Start Date

DIRECT + INTERACTIVE to Engage Users Online


Add NFC tags to any coverwrap for direct-to-mobile user experience.

See NFC Interactive Demo

to Engage Users Online


Add NFC tags to any coverwrap for direct-to-mobile user experience.

See NFC Interactive Demo

Integrated Touch Point Platforms Deliver Customer Interaction

In the vast overwhelm of today’s marketing world, cutting the clutter to engage cultivated customers and/or prospects requires adept skill and precision. Our hyper-targeted marketing campaigns deliver exceptional results for B2B, AFFLUENT, RETAIL and PHARMA targets.

Cover Wraps +

Engage our NFC technology to drive digital interaction with exact targets.

Cover Wraps +

Engage buzz cards as a high impact tool to drive targeted user interaction.

Cover Wraps +

Engage embedded video to deliver a compelling message, or product demo.

Cover Wraps +

Integrate your magazine cover wrap campaign by extending retargeting across the web – even mobile devices.

Cover Wraps +

Cover wrap digital prospecting uses your existing cover wrap customer data to identify new high-value prospects.

Cover Wraps +

License 3rd-party content via 400+ publishers to elevate your brand, or integrated customer touch points.

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