We Manage the Details for Our Client/Agency Partners

Start-Up Due Dates & Wrap Specs Overview

This shares a due date planning guide for start-up timing.  First step initiates paperwork, to secure circulation/inventory with content partner.

Following that, only steps to start are as follows:

  1. database/development, your database and/or we develop for you,
  2. announcement letter/card content for production/mailing, and
  3. first cover wrap creative, and additional as campaign is activated.

We initiate every client’s new campaign with an Campaign Activation Call including all members of the campaign team: client, agency, media, creative, and production – so we’re on the same page from get-go.  We lead with your Campaign Activation Packet, including ALL components required for each element and on-time delivery, so it’s simple.  Magazine production time-lines vary so, please ask for extensions when possible – we grant every scenario possible, given production schedules.

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