Hyper-targeted IMPACT Marketing via DIRECT + Interactive + DIGITAL Solutions

Everything we do is driven by database precision.

Precision non-traditional direct marketing using any one of our 400+ premier content partners to generate POWERFUL customer engagement and sales.
Cut-the-clutter and elevate your brand and customer messaging via our hyper-targeted DIRECT + INTERACTIVE + DIGITAL campaign solutions.

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SUPPORT YOUR SALES CHANNELS – Cultivate Target Engagement & Brand Interaction

Hyper-targeted Customer Touch Point Campaigns

We deliver acute data mining for exceptional hyper-targeting to identify your most valued targets with near-zero wasted coverage.


We deliver multi-layered multi-media to cultivate exact targets for branding, loyalty and sales conversion.  Each solution can be combined or separated to customize specific marketing objectives, and integrated for sales channels with targets as few as 500+ customers/prospects.

COVER WRAP Solutions


ONLINE Solutions

We deliver proven solutions that provide validated reach, awareness, readership, interest, call-to-action and sales ROI.

RESULTS & Case Studies

Bold RESULTS Deliver Return-on-Investment


100% Target Reach

Utilizing your database, and/or one we build for you, our precision targeting delivers zero waste, near-perfect reach.


90%+ Awareness

Engaging co-branded content with multi-faceted messaging, delivers bold awareness for any vital target audience.


80%+ Readership

Co-branded content, PLUS compelling message design, fosters highly reliable and deeply engaged readership statistics.


50%+ Call-to-Action Response Rate

Hyper-targeted touch points, aligned with any one of our 400+ premier content partners, delivers dramatic marketing ROI and, it’s a proven and very effective mechanism to engage any target audience for customer loyalty, lead generation, and warm sales leads.

DIRECT + INTERACTIVE to Engage Users Online


Add NFC tags to any coverwrap for direct-to-mobile user experience.

See NFC Interactive Demo

to Engage Users Online


Add NFC tags to any coverwrap for direct-to-mobile user experience.

See NFC Interactive Demo

ENGAGEMENT Proven for Four Target Audiences

Proven over decades, and even more so today, four key targets are well-positioned for magazine cover wrap solutions and, we have more than 500+ campaigns that validate client’s long-term success. Our simple activation process fulfills your campaign roadmap, delivering high-quality touch points to any exact targets when you want to reach them most, adding value to your brand via customer-loyalty.


Clutter-bust the overwhelm of digital with direct-targeting to reach any B2B target in-office using your CRM or database of customer, trade, or channel partners, and/or we’ll curate a precise B2B database for you.

More About BUSINESS Targets

Pharma Point-of-Care

Engage and educate patients in any point-of-care waiting rooms, matched to your exact physician network. Choose from our 50+ cultivated networks, or we’ll build your exact footprint, based on your parameters.

More About PHARMA Targets

Affluent Consumers

Deliver your cultivated direct messages to any affluent customer in-home via a premiere magazine to build relationships, create high lifetime value and generate in-bound inquiries for your products/services.

More About AFFLUENT Targets

Retail Consumers

Optimize location-based branding by engaging shoppers where they purchase via our GPS targeting. Choose from our 1.5M+ out-of-home locations to hyper-target any audience for precise OOH engagement.

More About RETAIL Targets

Hyper-Targeted Examples & Client Testimonials

Our client retention rate is 70% annually, and 90% for client-life, which validates our clients achieving their results. Simple solutions PLUS profound engagement deliver results that our client/agency partners rely upon for their vital targets – over and over again.

Campaign Extensions – Flexibility & Impact is Our Mission

Our clients include many ‘Who’s Who’ in global and national brands, and many of the Fortune 500®. The reason is simple: our campaigns deliver engaging touch points cultivating our client’s most vital customers and prospects, those increasingly hard to reach.

Hyper-Target Flexibility

Clutter-bust digital overwhelm with precise messaging matched to your exact target segments added to the flexibility of direct capabilities of Audience Innovation, and reach any B2B target audience in-office, and via your c-suite, trade or channel partners.

Digital Connectivity

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via PRINT+DIGITAL, we deliver augmented campaigns to cultivate your most valuable relationships with your most hard-to-reach targets, for both business and consumer. Our PRINT+DIGITAL solutions deliver results.

Events & Trade Shows

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazines direct to any event/s for valuable collateral for customers and/or prospects. Choose from any of our 400+ premier content partners, and use this effective tool to support your trade shows and events.

One-Shot Promotions

Deliver your custom-bound cover wrapped magazine direct to any office, home or retail location for immediate call-to-action messaging for events, retail promotions, individual ‘test drive’ invitations for affluent targets, and other promotional objectives.