Cultivate Valued Targets via Proven Sales Conversion & ROI

Direct Marketing + Digital Targeting Delivers Greatest Response

Layered solutions deliver impressive results. Start with Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing plus Digital Retargeting, and interactive devices for valued sequenced messaging for any target, for both B2B & B2C objectives.

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This is what we do, building targeting platforms for advertisers and publishers. It’s all about the targeting, and…

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The crazy thing about magazine cover wrap marketing, as the headline says … is, it works, and very effectively for the right targets. This statement has been true for 25+ years now, and it’s even more proven today. People ask me how, and why? … it’s almost perplexing to some, …

The question is: what’s working? … well, that’s a big question, as there’s many options for targeting these days, and many are working, some better than others. With our clients, there’s ONE thing that’s driving direct measurable results today, …