Four B2B-Targeted Examples of Hyper-Targeted Responses for Magazine Cover Wrap Campaigns

2017-10-03 by Paul Kostial

In the age of ‘everything’s’ a touch point, it’s clear that some touch points deliver better than others, and there are reasons to use both, or all of them, depending on the marketing situation, target and objectives.

With magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns, the B2B-targeted results are very clear, and consistent, and proven over time.  And, not so oddly, the B2B-targeted responses today are delivering even better call-to-action, conversion and ROI than a year ago.

These campaigns CUT-THE-CLUTTER, and deliver B2B sales results – consistently, over and over again.

And, this does not even include the layered targeting we’re often recommending to our clients now, including both ONLINE+OFFLINE components, and driving an effective merger of sales+marketing objectives.

As examples of four current client campaigns in-market now, here’s an overview of their response analytics at the mid-year benchmark.  Notice these high ratings, and how the customers/prospects provide verbatim feedback that’s helpful and constructive, both to sales and marketing.  These three graphics illustrate a total of four B2B-targeted campaigns, for three clients.

Now take a look at a variety of verbatim responses also received from the same four surveys, and including direct open-ended feedback for the clients in each case.  These surveys are constructed in several mechanisms, and yield helpful analytics RE the best means for continued lead cultivation.  In most cases, our clients engage the same target audience chosen by marketing, matched to sales (and CRM), to bolster results, and provide the greatest efficiency and result.  Here’s just a few examples of target verbatim comments …

And these four are examples that are commensurate with all our survey responses.

So, no matter whether you’re targeting best customers, best prospects, channel partners, trade targets, c-suite executives, dealers, distributors, or any other B2B target, these campaigns are providing the impact needed, and also driving the ‘bridge-to-digital’ platform that’s proving so effective today.  And layered with online and/or interactive as well, our B2B clients continue to use these campaigns, and more and more as the digital world is full of clutter.

One high-ranking ‘Global Advertising Director’ of a F500 company always says, ‘the cut-the-clutter’ aspect of your hyper-targeted magazine cover wrap campaigns is why I buy, and will continue to buy.

In fact, we have more technology clients using magazine cover wrap targets for their CIO and IT targets than ever before, and it’s a growing category.  Seems counter-intuitive, but the results ARE the proof that’s needed to deploy campaigns for B2B targets, and it’s proven over and over again – even more so today.

Sales teams love their company’s magazine cover wrap campaigns, and for many valuable reasons … 

  • Campaigns deliver effective ongoing touch points of impact and long-term value
  • Campaigns deliver co-branded content that lifts the sponsor’s brand
  • Campaigns deliver multiple engagement opportunities, and ‘thought leadership’ messaging
  • Campaigns deliver reach to ANY target, 500 recipients or more, and ONLY that exact target
  • Campaigns deliver impact with BOTH retention and acquisition targets, very effectively
  • Campaigns deliver warm recipients for the sales force, providing opportunity for follow-up
  • Campaigns deliver impressive call-to-action stats, including both conversion and ROI

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