Put your company/brand on the front cover of FAST COMPANY or INC. magazine, and delivered to your best customers.

Put your company and brand on the front cover of FAST COMPANY or INC. magazine, delivered to your best customers.


SIMPLE EFFECTIVE Impact Marketing Unique Touch Points for B2B Customers

Choose a preferred magazine, FAST COMPANY or INC., and send a ‘gifted’ full-year subscription to 500 or more of your best customers and/or prospects.

Your business gesture of goodwill will last MUCH longer than a box of popcorn, and … it’s content engaging, boldly showcasing your company, and … delivers valuable corporate touch points via your company’s cover wrap series – i.e. CEO Messages – spanning a year-long relationship-building platform.

Starting with as few as 500+ recipients, we manage the entire process for you, keeping details simple, and sales impact robust. Our best practices gleaned from more than 500+ clients yields impressive step-by-step results, and focused on valuable B2B relationships large and small.


  • give corporate Happy Holiday or Happy New Year gifts to your customers,
  • build valuable long-term marketing, sales & business relationships,
  • support and augment a very astute asset that supports your sales force and your CRM,
  • deliver bold customer touch points that enable target call-to-action,
  • generate easy co-branded ‘thought leadership’ messaging that’s valued.

Why It Works

Cover wraps cut the clutter of daily digital overwhelm and deliver direct messaging with robust billboard-style impact.

The combined effect of co-branded content, PLUS ongoing multi-faceted touch points, creates a receptive targeted engagement each time it’s received in target’s office or home.
Staying visibly in front of your most valued customers is what cultivates the most critical relationships, and call-to-action.

Predispose your targets to take action, and to be receptive to sales efforts. Our high-impact PRINT+DIGITAL, deployed in tandem, results in the greatest impact and efficient investment.

What is B2B Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing?

It’s compelling, even for the most hard-to-reach business targets.  Our strategic campaigns attach your company’s brand to a well-known and well-respected premier content partner, to create an ongoing co-branded engagement experience for your most vital B2B customers/prospects.

Campaign Timing & Cycle Examples

All timing can be adjusted to fit specific targeting/timing needs. Please ask for any options, and we’ll gladly share flexibilities.
  • STEP 1 – Choose Your Vital Target/s
  • STEP 2 – Choose Your Best Content
  • STEP 3 – Choose Your Ideal Start Date

We handle all campaign details, and keep the process simple for our clients.  Share your target audience needs with us, and we’ll share options.

Business-to-Business Annual Campaign

3 Simple Steps to Initiate Customer Campaign Targets

STEP 1 – Choose Target

Use your own target list and/or a database we build for you via our targeting experts.
• Any Business or Affluent Target
• Client + List-Matched Databases
• Pre-audited Opt-In Guaranteed

STEP 2 – Pick Content

Multiple ways cover wrap marketing campaigns will bolster brand persona.
• Multiple Issues Cover Wrapped
• Messaging Drives Online Action
• Bold 4- or 6-page Creative Units

STEP 3 – Set Start Date

Start any time, given due dates. We manage all activation assets.
• Drives Target Intent Interaction
• Proven Engagement/Response
• AAM Compliant Audit



Enterprise Technology
2,600 Exact Prospect Companies, Targeted 3-5 IT Executive Titles at Each Client-Selected Company


Attorneys, Large Litigation

Meeting & Convention Planners

Human Resources Managers

Trade Buyers

Foodservice Executives

Insurance Executives, Brokers, Agents

Hospital Executives, 300+ Beds

Banking Officers & Regional Bank Presidents Nationwide

Private Golf Course Managers, Course Managers & Tour Pros

Contractors, Dealers, Agents, Distributors/Channel Partners

ASAE – Members of the American Society of Association Executives

Hospital CXO’s & Execs
Benefit & Risk Managers

Industry Risk Brokers

Trade Show Executives

Logistics & Shipping Managers for Large Port Authorities

Small Business Owners

Wealth Management Advisors

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Banking C-Suite & Executives
Nation’s Top 25,000 CXO Execs

Relocation, Corporate Housing & Local Apartment Managers

Farmers, Horse Farm Owners, Gardening Center Managers & Construction Superintendents

CPA’s & Financial Advisors
Investors & Investor Relations

Automotive Dealer Executives
Automotive Fleet Sales Buyers
Automotive Regional Dealers