2018-07-04 Paul Kostial

We’re featured in this article about these campaigns, “Put a Wrap On It” … just released today by a well-known blogger on the publishing industry.

As a side note, we deliver assets for both magazine partners and our clients, as we serve both ends of this spectrum.

And, the results for both are an ecstatic win/win, as cliche as that may sound.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. And, Happy 4th of July to each of you ????????????

by Dead Tree Edition, PubExec Magazine – July 2018



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2018-06-24 Paul Kostial

The crazy thing about magazine cover wrap marketing, as the headline says ... is, it works, and very effectively for the right targets. This statement has been true for 25+ years now, and it's even more proven today. People ask me how, and why? ... it's almost perplexing to some, ...

2018-06-19 Paul Kostial


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contact Paul Kostial at 888.241.6634,719,

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2018-06-15 Paul Kostial

The question is: what's working? ... well, that's a big question, as there's many options for targeting these days, and many are working, some better than others. With our clients, there's ONE thing that's driving direct measurable results today, ...


2018-05-30 Paul Kostial

The reason our clients use our B2B magazine cover wrap campaigns is simple: it works. Maybe oddly, yes, but campaign results measured against any exact target is producing direct impact and measured response, and the numbers are FAR-BETTER than other options. I'll show you direct client example results, closest to your target and industry, to prove the point.


2018-04-09 Paul Kostial

B2B Marketing: What’s the one answer all these marketing/sales Q's have in common? — What B2B marketing tactic is used by many in the F500 for vital targets? — What B2B marketing tactic have many Top 100 agencies used for their own marketing? Read more for examples, and results ...


2018-03-12 Paul Kostial

Cultivating customer relationships hasn’t been an easy task in 2017 and will even become more challenging heading into 2018. B2B clients across all industries experienced the conundrum of the ‘bunkered’ customer relationship dynamic. Over the last several months, we interviewed the leading sales ...


2018-02-11 Paul Kostial

Wasn't long ago, B2B marketers had rather simple options to reach and engage their most vital customers and prospects. Options like in-person meetings, phone calls, e-newsletters, co-mingled with email updates were very common, and fortified with trade shows, trade advertising, ...


2018-01-08 Paul Kostial

Campaigns continuously deliver powerful co-branded touch points, with resulting boost in call-to-action results that engage your most –and-difficult-to-reach– B2B sales and relationships. Campaigns yield welcomed high-impact, and measurable stats and analytics. ...