2018-02-11 Paul Kostial

Wasn't long ago, B2B marketers had rather simple options to reach and engage their most vital customers and prospects. Options like in-person meetings, phone calls, e-newsletters, co-mingled with email updates were very common, and fortified with trade shows, trade advertising, ...


2018-01-08 Paul Kostial

Campaigns continuously deliver powerful co-branded touch points, with resulting boost in call-to-action results that engage your most –and-difficult-to-reach– B2B sales and relationships. Campaigns yield welcomed high-impact, and measurable stats and analytics. ...


2017-10-03 Paul Kostial

In the age of 'everything's' a touch point, it's clear that some touch points deliver better than others, and there are reasons to use both, or all of them, depending on the marketing situation, target and objectives. With magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns,


2017-09-14 Paul Kostial

Here’s the question we should be asking: Is digital printing -- the technology that is already creating magazines that are personalized from front cover to back cover -- relevant to our business? The answer is yes. Let me explain: Most of us don’t need a “solution” that quadruples (or worse) our production costs, ...


2017-09-10 Paul Kostial

The conundrum of marketing these days is engagement, and reliable measured response. It's a great thing, really, yet requires a bit of pre-thinking to drive impact and awareness, and call-to-action that's a valid point-of-connection, vs. mindless drivel that actually doesn't move the needle. ...


2017-09-09 Paul Kostial

If you're looking for precision targeting, combined with a bold yet engaging platform, and combined with impactful creative units, look no further than our magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns. Designed for any target of 500-100,000+ targets, these campaigns are truly a benchmark ...