“We really never understood
      ‘cover wraps’ until we spoke with
      Audience Innovation. Their
      targeting platforms are genius, and
      stealth and – driven by matched
      CONTENT & target interest.”

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      The world of marketing has changed much and yet, the mindset of humans hasn’t shifted ‘online only’ as much as we might think and, it’ll take years. As a result, combining ONLINE and OFFLINE touchpoints is the most effective means to reach and engage your most vital targets, at least for those at the top […]

      As we head into 2020 and you begin planning your business’s marketing strategy, consider this:  Cutting through the massive clutter online is one of the biggest challenges in marketing today – rising above your competition is the only way to build short-term and long-term relationships that will ensure consistent sales and revenue. Luckily, there’s a solution that combines both […]

      In a recent ANA/DMA study, 76% of consumers said they trust direct mail advertising when they are making a purchase decision. Only two other formats scored higher: Prints ads (82%) and TV ads (80%). Multiple studies have shown that direct mail makes a connection with consumers. The TANGIBLE offer or promotion they hold in their […]

      What’s the biggest B2B marketing trend you’ve witnessed in the last 2-3 years? There’s been a shift towards a bigger reliance on 1st party CRM data. No longer are brands relying on 2nd & 3rd party data alone. Sophisticated marketers are using …