A Value Psychology in Customer Relationships

2018-06-10 by Paul Kostial

The psychology of value in (customer) relationships hasn’t changed much, in say, 1,000+ years.  Or has it?


The speed of interaction has changed, but not a value of human connection, human interaction — friends, business, customers. Psychology 101 proves — people like to be recognized, appreciated, honored, given to feeling special.

The 1’s and 0’s of marketing today isn’t so special, and makes our great customers feel like a number, a roto-dial of indifference.

And that’s the missing link, true human connection, value … real, authentic, honest-to-God, h-u-m-a-n interaction. In the age of digital overwhelm, everywhere, standing out personally, is what resonates.

We’re All Human

At the end of the day, we’re all human and, human connection is prevalent (and maybe, especially in business).

Overwhelmed by Digital Clutter Every Day of Your Life?

Think about how much clutter you get online, or digitally, every day. — Is this really what makes you happy, and warms your heart?

… It’s not likely ?



Those humans (and companies) who warm the heart will benefit substantially, and also prosper, especially in business, with valued customers, where real humans still engage with real humans.

It’s #truth ?????

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